Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Who Called Me - Phone Detective Review

So just tell me, how many calls do you get per day ? And best of all, how many are prank calls just to make a fool out of you while you’re doing some important work at the office or any other place.

Who Called Me from Phone Detective Review

Here’s a small review of about a site named Phone Detective, It’s a very handy tool when it comes for checking out who called me. I’ll tell you a short story on how I got to know about this Phone Detective, I’m just like you.. a regular person working from morning till night at my office. I’m an Accountant actually and got loads of work 365 days nonstop. So recently I used to get calls from unknown numbers while at work and they start making a fool out of me, by joking and talking trash until I hang up. Almost every week I get calls from different unknown numbers and after I hang up, I lose all my concentration on my work and I don’t know where I stopped and where I should start again.

These phone calls were so much irritating, but I could not switch off my phone too, because my boss calls me if there are any more accounting work at the office, or my assistants ring me if they are stuck with accounting problems, and I’m the one who has to deal with all those things. I had sleepless nights and I thought with these work tensions and prank calls my life is over. I couldn’t handle it any more and fell sick for a week.

Then, a friend of mine came to visit me while I was at home and she told me about Phone Detective. She said I was having the same problem as you are and I didn’t know who called me either. And then after using the Phone Detective, she said I could find out who called me within seconds and just with a click of a button. I was happy to hear that I was able to find out who called me all these time and I asked her more information. She gave me a link and said, this is the Phone Detective site, where I found out who called me, give it a shot.

I started using phone detective and yes in seconds I found out who called me, it was one of my old college friend whom I had lost contacts and wasn’t able to keep in touch for years. Phone detective even gives out the exact owners address and information, so I took a day off at the office and went in search of her without her notice. After I rang the door bell, she was shocked to see me and was speechless when I told her that I know that who called me.

So I’d like to share the things with everyone, so I hope this review would have helped you to make a fine decision about getting a membership at Phone Detective.

I’ve even posted a video on Youtube.com with the link to Phone Detective.  I bet you won’t regret it after getting the membership.

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Who Called Me - Phone Detective Review

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